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XFL Begins Formal Partnership Talks With The CFL

On the morning of March 10th, it was announced by both the XFL and CFL that the two leagues will enter formal partnership talks. However, the XFL's 2022 season has been put on pause for the time being.

At the end of his statement, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said, "We look forward to seeing what possibilities our discussions might uncover and to sharing those with our fans as the process unfolds." He has made it very clear that it is early in the process while these are formal talks. They were also making it clear that they are unsure where these talks will go. With that said, this could potentially lead to very exciting news for fans of both leagues.

In XFL Chairwoman and Owner Dany Garcia's statement, she brought up the league's values in the future. She said, "...A vision filled with opportunity, innovation, and the highest level of entertainment value for the benefit of our athletes, fans, and communities..." Like Randy Ambrosie, she mentioned that she looks forward to continuing talks and will share updates in the future.

The final statement was released by XFL CEO and President Jeffrey Pollack. He brought up how exciting this is, as well as that both leagues "share a passion for football, an expansive sense of possibility, and a deep desire to create more opportunity for players and fans across North America and Around the World." Like Dany and Randy, he looks forward to the continuing talks.

Well, there you have it, XFL fans. A brief look into the future. While there are many questions to be answered, it's great to update the XFL's owners and leadership finally. Hopefully, with this, the league will now be more transparent and have more frequent updates. We will have to wait and see.

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