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STL vs. NFL: Court Documents Revealed! XFL or USFL? Which Is the Best Option for St. Louis?

Updated: Feb 18

So now we have more insight into what has gone on behind closed courtroom doors, that is before the case document was sealed soon after being leaked in the STL vs. NFL lawsuit that is still ongoing in a St. Louis courtroom. The NFL has done its damnedest to keep Joe Public from obtaining these documents and seeing what lengths the NFL had gone to help the Rams escape St. Louis.

Yours indeed has obtained and thoroughly gone through these documents, and I will say that a great deal has been left out. The evidence received was mostly pro-NFL and pro-Rams propaganda that was an attempt to solidify their case against the St. Louis law team seeking potential damages upwards of $500 million to $1 billion.

As you read through these documents and have a basic understanding of the circumstances surrounding this case, then as you pour over these files, please note that you must follow the timeline on what was done and how to piece together the puzzle. I have placed all files related to the case in this article below.