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St. Louis CITY SC Stadium Campus Press Conference Recap

On March 4th St. Louis CITY sc announced updated renderings for their complex south of Market Street. They also announced new updates to the facility as well. The expected completion date of the campus will be with the stadium in the summer of 2022. Some of the announced features include:

  1. Two Story Pavilion, with a team store, cafe, and a multi-use level

  2. Fan gathering areas outside of the pavilion

  3. Two Natural Grass Training fields North of Clark Street.

  4. One Artificial Turf Field South of Clark Street.

  5. Training Building with Dining, Film room, Kitchen, Academy and Team entrances on street level.

  6. Team locker rooms, lounge, Cardio area, restroom and shower areas, and a hydrotherapy area on field level.

There doesn't seem to be spectator seating at the training facilities. However, it sounds like there will be standing room for spectators at the facility. The standing-room will be with the pavilion next to the team store building.

As mentioned by Lutz Pfannenstiel, the stadium will be using natural grass for its pitch. He also noted that is why they are using two grass fields and one artificial turf field. The grass fields will not be open for public use.

The team's goal is to unite the city of St. Louis, and they're doing an excellent job of that. While uniting the city, they're also working to connect a team. The announced player's lounge does just that, and while uniting the team, they also want to be inclusive. These plans for the south of Market Street will be a giant leap forward to achieving those goals.

You can check out the renderings and more at this link:

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