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Second Winning Streak for the Lancers This Season

Coming off a rebound game with a shutout victory against Herculaneum (0-41) last week, the

Lancers are back at home against the Cuba Wildcats.

In the 1st quarter, the Lancers scored first during Cuba’s first possession with a defensive score by DB Patrick Flannigan's INT return for a TD but failed a 2-point conversion on a fake FG. (0-6) The Lancers then scored again on offense during the first possession with a 21-yard rushing TD by RB Justin Lehn and succeeded with a 2-point conversion. (0-14) The Wildcats responded back with an 8-yard TD catch by WR Micha Volner but failed on a PAT when the FG kick was blocked. (6-14) The Lancers fumbled their next possession but were able to get the ball back on a TOD before the end of the 1st quarter. (6-14)

At the beginning of the 2nd quarter, the Lancers QB James Smith was intercepted by Micah

Volner, but got the ball back on their 9-yard line on a TOD. The Lancers scored next on their

next play with a 91-yard rushing TD by Justin Lehn but failed on the 2-point conversion. (6-20)

the rest of the 2nd quarter was a back-and-forth, even with back-to-back INT's from Lancer’s Justin

Lehn and Wildcat’s Micah Volner before we went to halftime (6-20) Lancers.

In the 3rd quarter, the Lancers TOD then on defense Justin Lehn got a fumble recovery and ran for

44 yards for a TD, The Lancers got a successful 2-point conversion (6-28). Then the Lancers got

another defensive score with a 32-yard INT return by James Smith. James Smith then got a 2-

point conversion. (36-6) The Lancers then got another INT by DB Alex Westerman. And the

Lancers scored again with a 28-yard rushing TD by Justin Lehn and a successful PAT that began a

running clock and ended the 3rd quarter. (6-43)

In the 4th quarter, the Lancers ran the ball from their own 20 to the Wildcat’s eight and scored an 8

yard pass from Smith to Flannigan, but failed on their 2-point conversion on a fake FG pass (6-

49) The Lancers, on the Wildcats' next possession, recovered a fumble on a bad shotgun snap on

the Wildcats 30. The Lancers scored again on a 25-yard by Lehn, ending the game at a score of

(6-55) Lancers.

This begins the second winning streak for the Lancers and Head Coach Frank

Ray. With three more games left of the regular season (two of which are on the road in the

Perryville, Missouri area) and as of now, probably get the second seed in their districts. Things

look bright for the Lancers.

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