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MLB Quiet Zone ~ Cardinals first to leave the fold, RHP Mike Mayers

Cardinals reliever Mike Mayers had spent time in and out of the majors the past four seasons with St. Louis

The MLB 2019 World Series came to a close. Officially into the off-season, teams have five days following that are 'quiet days' from the flurry of transactions soon to be decided. Soon to be made. Due to that 'regulation', not too much stirring other than the usual speculations regarding free agents and possible fits with one team or another. The needs of each team, etc.

St. Louis Cardinals have been working on their 40-man roster and made a couple of moves, which were announced Friday.

Not too many surprises regarding their roster. All players were restored to the list including those still on the the injured list.

Those on the IL include pitchers Jordan Hicks (Tommy John surgery, June 2019) and Brett Cecil (wrist/elbow carpal tunnel surgery, April 2019), along with outfielder prospect Lane Thomas (HBP/fractured wrist, Sept 2019).

Catcher, Joe Hudson, spent his September on the Cardinals 40-man roster behind backup catcher Matt Wieters. Dealing with a nagging calf injury, he only played in one game in the last month of the season. He was outrighted to Memphis Triple-A.


The biggest news of those who played in 2019, reliever Mike Mayers was claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Mayers minor league contract had been purchased by the Cardinals in September 2019 to be part of the bullpen 'down the stretch'. Then placed on the waiver list at the end of the season.

Mayers made his debut with the Cardinals in 2016, as a starter. An announcement by the Cardinals was a surprise 'entry' to the rotation. The first starter 'substitute' of the 2016 season. A double-header played prior to the series against Los Angeles Dodgers at Busch Stadium, July 22-24, they decided to rest (at that time) starter Carlos Martinez. Thus, recalling Mayers.

A tall order for a prospect in his first outing, against the Dodgers, at Busch Stadium - prime time Sunday Baseball coverage. What was his first start in the majors, would be his last. The Dodgers won the game, 9-6. All nine runs, which included a grand slam and a 2-run homer, came facing Mayers in his first, and only, two innings pitched in a starting role. A very heavy load for a young player to endure. In my opinion, affected his performances in 2016, in a total of 4 IP in relief. However, in one of those he did earn his first major league win. So not all was lost.

Over his four seasons, in a total career of 80.2 IP, Mayers holds a 7.03 ERA. His best season, 2018, with 51.2 IP, he was beginning to come into his own with a 4.20 ERA. Not Gold Glove performances, but with more confidence even though with continued control issues.

In 2019, he spent over three months on the IL with a lat strain. In late July, he was outrighted to Memphis then brought back when rosters expanded on Sept. 1. For the season he saw 19 IP/16 GA/6.63 ERA. He held the opposition scoreless in half of those appearances; and, no more than three runs given up (1 game) in his remaining eight.

The Angels decided to take him on board. In my opinion, looking at his overall career, they see the 'possibilities' for this young hurler.

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