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Is it possible we see Masyn Winn playing SS in St Louis after the trade deadline?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Masyn Winn by Christian Gooden via St Louis Post Dispatch

Other than Jordan Walker and Nolan Gorman, one of the most talked about prospects in the Cardinal organization has to be Memphis SS Masyn Winn. Currently, Winn is the 43rd prospect as ranked by MLB. Only one other Cardinal Farmahnd is in the top 100: Tink Hence.

What about Masy Winn?

Winn is 21, was drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft out of Kingwood High School in Kingwood, Texas, with the 54th overall pick, as a possible two-way player. Winn was a pitcher with a 90+ MPH fastball and a slick-fielding SS. With no season in 2020 due to the pandemic, he had a slow start in 2021, yet still managed to move from Palm Beach to Peoria, struggling in 37 games with the Chiefs .210/240/.304. He did show an ability to steal a base, swiping 16 in 19 tries. Last year, after a tremendous start in Peoria, he went .349/.404/.566 with a perfect 15 for 15 in stolen bases in just 33 games.

He was moved to AA Springfield, where he went .258/ .349/.432. He found some power hitting 11 balls over the wall driving in 48 runs, and was 28-33 in stolen bases. He participated in the Arizona Fall League and played well there, going .294/.407/.353 with only 1 Home Run and 9 RBIs, but he stole nine bags, only being caught once. He was immediately moved to Memphis, where he is .284/.355/.448 with 13 HRs, 50 RBIs, and 16 for 18 in stolen bases.

What does that mean for St Louis?

Top left Tommy Edman via MLB Jpeg, Top right Nolan Gorman by Joe Putz via Getty Images, Bottom Left Brendan Donovan by Bill Greenblat via UPI, bottom Right Paul DeJong by Bill Greenblat via UPI.

With Players Paul DeJong, Tommy Edman, Brendan Donovan, and Nolan Gorman already on the middle infield, it means that John Mozelaik and the front office will have to make a decision one or maybe two middle infielders will have to be moved to make room at the SS position for Winn to take that spot, should the club decides he is ready. Now there will have to be at least a trade or two to make that happen, and not necessarily be those players on the infield being traded. It could be others traded, creating a line-up shift a possibility or a necessity.

Mozeliak has indicated that the Cardinals will be sellers but has been vague on what could be offered. But some room will have to be made in some way. There has been much speculation as to what those moves might be.

So who leaves to make room for Winn?

Tyler O'Neill by David Kohl via USA Today, Today Dylan Carlson via St Louis post dispatch.

If Masyn Winn is to be brought up, many dominoes will have to fall at the trade deadline for this year and possibly in the off-season for the future.

First, there is the obvious roadblock of Paul DeJong. I don't think it is a reach to say that DeJong will likely be in a different uniform either after the trade deadline or the off-season. I do not see a scenario where they can justify keeping him on the roster at SS, given that his team option is $12 million next year. (They wouldn't pay GG Kolten Wong that much.)

Second, What the shape of the Outfield will be? With rumors and speculation about O'Neill and Carlson. It could be that Donovan goes to the OF. Leaving only Gorman and Edman on the infield. Winn comes up to play SS Gorman at 2B and Edman as a platoon option for both.

Third, The distinct possibility of Edman or Donovan being traded along with Pauly D. Thereby again opening up the SS for Winn.

Fourth, The unlikely possibility of Gorman being traded along with DeJong moving Edman back to 2B, leaving SS open for Winn.

The first two are the most likely options, but I would not rule out the Cardinals trading Tommy Edman or Brendan Donovan.

Is Winn trade bait?

Some may ask, if he is that good, why is Winn tradeable? The Quick answer is that ANY top prospect is tradeable, and many teams would be MORE than willing to take Masyn Winn off the Cardinal's hands. Of course, what we get in return would be the question. The answer depends on what others are willing to give up. Could St Louis get an MLB-ready prospect? Yes, they could, and if packaged right, maybe even MLB pitching talent. But given what has happened most recently with Arozarena and other prospects before him, it would have to be a can't-miss deal to make Mo pull the trigger.

I don't see a scenario unless it's for a top starting pitcher that is NOT a Free Agent. That would have to be a package deal with a team that is out of it. So While it is possible, I think it isn't very likely.

If a pathway is opened this year, do we see Winn in 2023?

If I had to guess it, I would say that if the Cardinals are out of contention, which at this point with St Louis being 12 games under .500 and 11 games behind Milwaukee, and 9.5 games out of the Wild Card race. The chances are pretty slim. It changes by the deadline so that moves will be made, and some new talent will be looked at as an "on-the-job" interview if you will. Winn has done enough on the farm that he deserves his shot. Whether it is in August, September, or Spring Training, I think the arrival of Winn in St Louis is just a matter of time.

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