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GCS Prep Spotlight: Jaxin Patterson

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Hillsboro Hawks LB/RB Jaxin Patterson (Photo Credit: Paul Stuthers)

In our very first prep sports spotlight we introduce you to Hillsboro Hawks two sport star athlete Jaxin Patterson. Patterson, a senior, is a two way star for the Hawks on the gridiron who dominates on both sides of the ball. A tenacious runner, he can routinely be seen bowling over the competition and running through his opponents. On defense, where Jaxin is probably even more effective, he instills fear into the hearts of opposing quarterbacks. He’s always quick to the ball and when he hits, he hits hard.

Those hard hits aren’t just saved for the football field either. As a shortstop and second baseman for Hawks baseball he shows off the speed and power that seems to come naturally for him. Patterson excels everywhere he plays, but excels even more as a straight A student in the classroom. Jaxin says that hard work in the classroom is something his parents, Elizabeth and Jack, have instilled in him from a young age and credits his father for keeping him on point. He says that he enjoys the hard work put into his studies so he can feel more free to focus on the field.

Jaxin Patterson is a young man who lives his life with purpose, telling GCS that “the more trust you put in God, the greater things there are ahead.” Indeed there are greater things ahead for this impressive young man. With multiple college offers already on the table, including a D-1 offer from Valparaiso University, Jaxin is aiming high and has the work ethic to go far. If you can’t catch Jaxin on the football field this fall then make sure you catch him on the diamond in the spring.

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