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Top 5 Cardinal players who most likely will be moved at the deadline.

MLB's trading deadline looms just a little more than three weeks away. Teams are busy evaluating where they sit and what they want to do. Cardinal Nation is split as to what this team should do. Some want to blow it up, trade off anything of value for prospects, and start over. Some think we only need a piece or two and can still make a solid run. I am not sure either option is suitable. However, there is no way they can stay pat and ride out the season.

The main issue all season has been pitching. Miles Mikolas and Jordan Montgomery are arguably the two most reliable starters. The bullpen has been doing its best, Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde act. Adam Wainwright has been mostly ineffective, and Jack Flaherty seems to be coming around, but still a question mark.

Everyone knew, except for John Mozeliak, that this staff had massive question marks. Mozelaik's failure to adequately address the situation in the off-season has led us to where we are. Fans have their opinions on who the Cardinals should trade. Some of the names fans want to move are Jordan Montgomery, Paul DeJong, and Tyler O'Neill.

Some have even suggested trading Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado. That will be unlikely as both have no-trade clauses, and I don't see either waiving those. The names of Young guys Brendan Donovan, Alec Burleson, and Jordan Hicks have come up, as well as prospects Gordan Gracefo, Masyn Winn, Michael McGreevy, and Ivan Herrera.

While it is a problem of what you can give and what you will get, here are five players that could be and most likely will be moved at the deadline.

No. 1 Paul DeJong

Paul DeJong by Bill Greenblat via UPI

Some fans have been wanting DeJong gone since 2021. But give a little Credit to PoBO John Mozeliak for having faith in the oft-injured SS. After back-to-back sub .200 seasons, It was surprising that St Louis had not moved on with the available Free Agent SS. But this year, he has been very productive despite his .225 BA in terms of HRs, slugging, and even OBP.

He is better than SSs like Xander Bogarts, Dansby Swanson, Wander Franco, Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, and Javier Baez. But with top prospect Masyn Winn on the way up, it makes DeJong a tradeable option. Possible landing spots could be LA Dodgers, The Mariners, or The Mets, who could look at him as a backup or DH. While he may not bring a top price, he should be worth some pieces for the future.

No. 2 Tyler O'Neill

Tyler O'Neill by Joe Puetz via USA Today

We have been waiting for Bro'Neill to emerge as the stud he has been projected to be. He still has a lot of potential WHEN he is healthy, and his power potential makes him a solid talent, but his health concerns may temper what return we get. But with power bats like Walker and Gorman, the Cardinals could be willing to move on. The Mariners could be an option. If healthy, the Blue Jays could also be a target, and If St Louis were willing to part with a McGreevy or Conner Thomas. They could get Jose Barrios or even Chris Bassit.

No. 3 Dylan Carlson

Dylan Carlson vis St Louis Post Dispatch

After a rough start, Carlson has slowly put together a good year, relatively speaking, of course. He could command a high prospect or a couple of Mid-level prospects. His ability as a switch-hitter, defense and age (24) would be desirable for many teams with older outfielders. Teams like the Twins, the Guardians, and even a team like the Astros could be interested. As for what they could get, Carlson has three more years of team control so that they could get a high prospect or MLB talent.

No. 4 Jack Flaherty

Jack Flaherty by Norm Hall via Getty Images

If you go by fan sentiment, some would trade him for whatever they can get. But Jack has put together a steady season. While dealing with him might seem odd if St Louis can get a number one pitcher. Flaherty could be moved for some excellent and capable prospects. They could also go the other way and keep Flhertyy and trade Montgomery. But I think they will do what they can to retain Monty, even at the expense of Flaherty. Likely, teams could be the Dodgers, Astros, Guardians, Orioles, and Toronto might make a deal.

No. 5 Tommy Edman

Tommy Edman via MLB

Now I might catch some flak on this, but, With his ability to play infield and outfield, even though he is having a down year at the plate, his defense more than makes up for it. With Brendan Donovan being a competent utility player, Edman could be expendable. Any team that is in contention and needs that one piece to give them an edge could be interested, and the Cardinals could get some excellent prospects or, if in the right package, could bring in some good MLB pitching talent.


Now there are others the Cardinals could deal Like Jordan Montgomery, Jordan Hicks, Andrew Knizner, and Possibly even Lars Nootbaar or Brendan Donovan could be had for the right deal. A lot will depend on where the Cardinals sit in three weeks. If the planets align and St Louis makes a run, things could be different, and we could see prospects dealt with for proven talent. With the mixed signals and recent mid-season deals by Cardinal Front Office, we don't know.

Thank you for reading. If you want to comment, feel free to do so. If you're going to reach me directly, hit me up on Twitter @TSotbcgs or email me at

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See you soon.


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